Character Creation and New Publications

It happens in real life, too!

Quiet Guy and I created a new character almost five months ago and she’s basically taken over. This has put a real dent in my writing time and a bigger dent in updating and what not. But now things are getting more settled, and I’m hoping to accomplish more.

Despite the new addition, there are new publications. The Green Man series has been published by Less Than Three Press. This three part series follows an ancient forest spirit into space and to a new planet.

Part One: Renewal (Available August 5, 2015)

TGM1 Renewal - cover2

Part Two: Survival (Available May 13, 2015 as part of the Keep the Stars Running anthology)


Part Three: Transformation (Available TBA 2015)

Now, onward into the future. I am bound and determined to get Argent finished within the next few weeks. Bound and Determined.

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“It’s ALIIIIIVVVVEEEEEE!!!”: Now with less grave robbery and more ooze

Today I put away one project–set off to editor types and taken off my plate for the next month–and picked up a new one. Not just a project I started long ago and shelved and brought back to life. An actual brand new story. I was sketching the idea to Quiet Guy and he asked, “So it’s coming to life?” and it made me realize that there is something rather primordial about the process.

idea cycle1

In the beginning, there was the genre.
The genre shalt be romance, and romance shalt be the genre.
Second to the genre, there was the submission theme:
“Thou shalt write about a forest.”
Then the author continued scanning, and found a second submission theme:
“Thou shalt write about blue collar workers in space.”
Then there was the word count:
“Thou shalt write greater than 10000 words, but no more than 20000 words.”

These little building blocks swim around in the nutrient-rich ooze that develops from the decomposing mulch of years of reading, watching, playing, talking, listening … Then they bump into each other, setting off little sparks.

“Short stories set in space with a forest and some romance, and someone with a blue collar job.”

This swims around, sniffing out other bits of ideas–the plankton of the ooze–and begins to grow.

“A trilogy … Celtic setting … a colonizing space ship … forestry … self-sacrifice … the Green Man … a heroic cycle … politics … mystical nature rites … zombies … symbiosis … politics … love.”

The idea forms characters, the characters grow legs, and the whole things moves onto land, pulls out a pistol, and ties me to my computer.

See you guys in a month or so. Sigh.


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Book Draw Results~

Woo! After a successful guest blog post at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words, and then a rather hectic few weeks, I have book draw results.

Thank you to everyone who commented. Hannah B was pulled out of a genuine Stetson and won a copy of No Ocean Too Deep. So now … time to figure out how to send ebooks. Learning!



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Review: No Ocean Too Deep (A Loose Screw) by Leona Carver

Review: No Ocean Too Deep (A Loose Screw) by Leona Carver.

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Early Review: No Ocean Too Deep by Leona Carver

Woo! First review for No Ocean.

Early Review: No Ocean Too Deep by Leona Carver.


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March Updates!


Tentacles. Because.

Welcome to March!

Wait. It’s almost over? Oh …

Welcome to the end of March!

  • No Ocean is available for Pre-Order! My beloved publishers are releasing a collection of mecha short stories and novellas, and somehow I managed to squeak in a story about mermaids and sea monsters. Aw yeah. For all your briny, scaly, slimy love needs.
    Fantasy romance. M/M. 40k words.
  • Argent Rampant is soooo close to being ready for submission. SO CLOSE. The publishing game is excruciatingly slow sometimes, especially when waiting for feedback. This one is another foray into the mainstream; I’m going to burn some incense, sacrifice some chicken fingers, and submit it to an agent.
    Contemporary fantasy. 80k words.
  • The Clockwork Centurion: Book One is complete! Well, the first draft, anyway. It’s loosely affiliated with No Ocean and is intended for Less Than Three Press. Hoping to submit within the next month.
    Fantasy romance. M/M. 40k words.

I feel I should talk about the writing life, or some kind of issue related to publishing … Ah! I got it! In the next few days I’ll horrify you with my method of researching and world building, which is something that’s come up quite a bit for both Argent and Centurion. Excellent. I have a plan. This is unusual and exciting.


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Afterglow Blues

Afterglow Blues.

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